3 ways to learn digital, for FREE!

3 ways to learn digital, for FREE!

Marketing your business on the world wide web can seem overwhelming at times, there’s no doubt about that!

To help you work through the mass of information, we’ve put together our three of our favourite (and free) learning platforms that help you to improve your digital marketing knowledge.

Google Primer

First up is Google Primer, an app based platform available on Apple and Android smartphones. Primer has a number of short digital marketing lessons. All lessons are created by marketers and are aimed at professionals with some experience in marketing, with a variety of intro and advanced level content. Primer’s subjects delve deep into core subjects surrounding marketing and running your own business.

Being an app with short lessons means you can complete a lesson or two during a quick break, on the train or whilst walking from the car to the office. Made primarily for mobile, the content is presented in a clear and easy to digest way that allows for practical take aways. The app contains activities and interactions that lead you to your goal of improving whatever path you’ve chosen to follow.

What does GC’s Head Boy, Danny, have to say on Google Primer?

“This is the perfect platform for small business owners and big business marketing execs. ‘Primer’ has some fresh ideas that are easy to put into action. The user experience is awesome! Lovely illustrations and explanations and a great navigation so you can leave and pick up where you left off with no problem. It feels like a knowledgeable friend is guiding you through, the tone of voice is familiar and fun meaning it can explain some pretty complex subjects in a fun way.”

Facebook Blueprint

As the name suggests, Blueprint provides you with an inside look at how Facebook works. As a global training and certification programme covering all aspects of marketing on Facebook and Instagram, Blueprint is the place to be.

It allows you to follow a tailored learning path, specific to your job role. There are hundreds of free lessons for intro levels, and to top up your current knowledge, there are more advanced options too. This platform is inclusive of all levels.

This e-Learning platform requires you to have a Facebook account in order to log in, but who doesn’t have an account? It’s 2017!

Blueprint is mostly composed of written learning content, this is great for on-the-go learning because it won’t eat into your data allowance like video will. Whilst it’s only focused on Facebook and Instagram, this doesn’t limit your learning. Some skills are transferable across different social and digital platforms. With not much visual learning, it is quite different to the other e-Learning mentioned in this post. However, depending on your learning style, this might work perfectly for you. It also gives you plenty of practical bits to put into action straight away after the lesson.

“Blueprint is great for practical learning, plenty of stuff you can do straight away after the lessons to see what works best for you.”

Google Digital Garage

Google’s Digital Garage is an online e-learning platform. You can complete the lessons on your desktop or download the brand new app to learn on the go. The app version offers audio files for the lessons if you can’t find the time to sit and watch the videos.

This platform offers free online marketing training that’ll get the right digital skills YOU need to grow your business and/or career. Composed of 89 lessons with assessments at the end of each, you can earn a certificate in The Online Marketing Fundamentals. This certificate can be placed on your Linkedin profile and your CV! Google Garage is used by 5 million users world wide, if that’s not a validation of its capabilities then I don’t know what is!

The platform has a mix of written content, explainer videos, animations and interactive elements. You can start the platform by setting out the goals you’d like to achieve and the right learning paths will then be set for you to work to.

Anyone can benefit from Google Garage, regardless of their skill level, goals or background. Lessons range from getting started online, utilising mobile and search through to building your online shop.

What does GC’s Head Boy, Danny, have to say on Google Garage?

“It is very education focused compared to the other platforms, with a series of Learning Objectives and assessments. The platform takes assessment and understanding seriously, which it should. Just because it’s about digital doesn’t mean we should lose the educational focus.”

“If Google Garage is the what and why… Blueprint is very much the how (of Facebook anyway).”

We recommend that anyone, of any level, takes part in all of these e-Learning courses. Use them as part of your internal marketing strategy, develop your teams and don’t use lack of knowledge as a barrier to doing digital properly. Everything we have mentioned here is free, easy to do at any time of the day and will actually improve your digital skills as well as add some valuable certifications to your CV.

What are your thoughts on the learning platforms we have discussed here? We would love to know if you have completed any of them, have they helped? Are you now a better marketer? Comment below and let us know.

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