Don’t be like Jeff

Don’t be like Jeff

You may have heard about Jeff on the radio, or you may have seen him in the newspaper, but one thing we know for sure is that whatever you do with your business online: Don’t be like Jeff!

We have teamed up with the guys at KM’s Kent Online to offer you the chance to win some exclusive Digital Marketing training that will go some-way to improve how your business performs online.

Jeff is a lot of things, but lacking in passion is not one of them. He loves his product and he enjoys showing customers just what they can do. Where Jeff does fall short is his inability to recognise how important the digital elements of his marketing strategy can be. Learn how to do thing better, don’t be like Jeff!

To take the first steps in your digital journey and to make sure your inner Jeff stays at bay,

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Don't be like Jeff




Terms and Conditions

  1. The draw is open for any business or individual who would benefit from professional training in the arts (and science) of digital marketing.
  2. Only one entry per registered email address is permitted.
  3. The draw will be made at random on the 1st April 2017, when the competition closes. With the winning entry being awarded £1000 in credit on our digital workshops.
  4. All entries must be made at 
  5. The prize is non-refundable or transferable.
  6. Thew winner will be able to select from the 2017 Giant Campus Digital Marketing programme.
  7. The winner will be notified via email
  8. By signing up for this competition Giant Campus may send you promotional material that may be of interest to you, please opt out anytime by sending us an email from your registered email address stating ‘STOP’
  9. No Jeff’s were harmed in the making of this campaign
  10. Don’t be like Jeff
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