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Training, workshops & seminars for your businesses marketing teams in Kent, London & Online

Need a boost to your marketing knowledge? Well, if you’re going to be learning about it from someone, make it someone who does it for a living, is award-winning and can supply you with to-the-minute industry updates.

We deliver digital marketing training and workshops, as well as building bespoke training packages for business, digital and strategy.

So go on, take a look around and see our courses aimed at making you and your business GIANT.

Digital Skills Training For Your Marketing Teams

“The course was a great introduction. It’s given me some really useful insight and tools that I can take back and use in my work. Would recommend!”
“This training goes beyond the jargon and confusing algorithms, and translates it all into valuable, tailored advice that just makes sense!”
“These guys have smashed my expectations. The training was so informative, practical and easy to understand. I’m extremely confident in my new skills now.”

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Courses

We have introductory and advanced training available on the topic of SEO, optimising your website so that you are found on search engines! Increase your chance of the right customer finding you, at the right time.

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Courses

We’ve got training on paid advertising at both an introductory and advanced level. Adding PPC to your marketing strategy can deliver some GIANT results. Get your adverts in front of the right people and make them effective with our help.

Social Media Marketing Courses

We’ve got a range of social media courses based on different platforms, building strategy and running advertising across the many channels. Running social media for yourself is one thing, but it’s a whole different kettle of fish for your business.

Analytics, Data & Tracking Courses

Measuring, monitoring and reacting to your marketing efforts is key for success. We can show you how to set things up, set goals, track the right things and turn a bunch of numbers and squiggly lines into actionable insights.

Content Creation & Strategy Courses

Whether it’s photos, GIFs, videos, blogs or other forms of social media or website content, we can show you how to make quick and effective pieces using free tools. We can also help you identify content themes and strategies to help boost your brand and objectives.

Bespoke Marketing Courses

None of this tickle your fancy? Or maybe you want to combine a few things into the ultimate package? Well, we offer bespoke training packages for your marketing departments!

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We don’t use “trainers”, we have skilled Professors, jam-packed with wisdom who write, deliver and own our digital skills courses. They’re practising experts that do this stuff for paying clients every single day. They love it, and you will too.
We don’t just tell you what you need to do. We produce digital skills training in Kent, London & online that delivers tangible outputs and benefits your digital marketing strategy. We show you, we explain to you, we provide you with new digital skills.
We couldn’t make ‘run of the mill’ training if we tried… sorry, it’s just not who we are. We’re a friendly group of creative, meaning every session is planned and delivered with style and creativity at its core. Why not find out for yourself?
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