7 Free Apps to Help You Beat Stress

Stress means different things to different people. We get that, but in this world of ever-growing connectivity, digital doesn’t have to be the bad guy. We have put together some of the best Apps on the market to help you reduce or at least try to manage some of the stresses in your life.

We are not recommending you purely use apps of course, there are many ways to find help for stress. Counselling, massage, or exercise, for instance, are all great ways to keep the mind healthy.

There are apps now for almost any kind of stress therapy, be it meditation, mindfulness breathing, cognitive behaviour therapy, relaxation techniques, colouring in, or online therapy chat services.

The guys and gals here at Giant Towers have put together a list containing 7 of our favourite apps that are designed to help improve your mental health.

1. Headspace


Headspace is a comprehensive meditation app with guided and unguided meditations to help you through all phases of your life. It uses a UK narration (which is great if you find the USA style of motivation a little off-putting) The free app offers ten sessions, some lovely animated content with extra content available if you love it and want to subscribe.


2. Stop, Breathe & Think

stop breathe think-min

Stop, Breathe & Think aims to give you exactly what it says in the title. The chance, and skills, to stop everything. Just breathe, and think. Sometimes that is all we need. The guided meditations cover a range of goals and are built to help you take some time out and concentrate on yourself.

3. Calm


It should come as no surprise that Calm is designed to help you be calm, shocking right? With beautiful backgrounds that you can stare at for ages, and a range of meditations, Calm provides a space for you to get away from it all without having to go anywhere. Perfect for those hectic days in the office.


4. Happify


Happify is all about positive psychology, mindfulness and cognitive behavioural therapy. As the name suggests, Happify’s number one goal is to help us all feel happier and more emotionally fulfilled, and who wouldn’t want that right?


5. Pacifica


Pacifica is based on cognitive behavioural therapy and meditation, it has some great benefits like, tracking your mood and your health, daily goals and a thought diary. Pacifica is great for both stress and anxiety.


6. Mindshift


Mental health issues can affect people of all ages, ability and position in life, so having a resource like Mindshift is fantastic. Designed primarily for teens and young adults, Mindshift focuses on issues that cause stress and anxiety within that specific age group.


7. Colorfy


So this isn’t new, but squeezing into an app is a great idea for those on the move. The mindfulness colouring book has become digital! Colorfy provides flowing and relaxing shapes and patterns for you to colour, allowing you time out from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Here at Giant Towers we love a bit of colouring to calm the mind.

The Apps we have looked at here are a great at helping you self-manage the stresses of life. However, be sure not to use them as a substitution to speaking to a healthcare professional. If you need to disconnect for a few minutes then these tools could be just for you.

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