A Year in Review: Social Values

This week marks Giant Campus’s first birthday and to celebrate, we’re looking back at some of our achievements from the past year.

First up, we’ll reminisce about our social media accounts, and in particular our video campaigns. 

Watch the video below to get a look at our year in review:

Transparency is one of the core values of GIANTs which is why we’re giving you this insight into our approach, into what’s worked well and what hasn’t.

If you’ve just watched our video, or been a loyal follower, then you’ll have seen what we’ve been up to. We’ve run and created some awesome campaigns and content that we’re really proud of.

These are the top 5 rules we use for all of our social media:

  1. Be real – don’t try and pretend to be something you’re not
  2. Be creative – use different formats to spice things up
  3. Be regular – no one likes an account that’s gone silent
  4. Be consistent – develop your own style for different platforms, and stick to it
  5. Be honest – don’t try and cheat social media.

The question shouldn’t be ‘How do I get more engagement?’ but ‘How can I be more engaging?’

We had a quick look through the highlights of our year in social media.

Our 360 launch party

To celebrate the beginning of Giant Campus we held a 360 digital party at our offices in Folkestone. Hosted on Youtube the party was live streamed for anyone to enjoy. In the weeks running up to the launch date, we sent out Google Cardboard VR goggles to friends and influencers so people could get involved from their offices.

Loads of people tuned in and still today, a year later, we have hundreds of viewers. We were actually the first UK company to launch using 360 technology, how cool is that? Unique from day one.

Jedi Box Giveaway Competition

In May (may the 4th to be precise), shortly after we hired our Prefect Amber, we decided to throw a really cool and geeky Jedi Training Box Competition. Competitions and giveaways are a great way to engage with your audience. Consider what you want to give away, form a strategy of what you want your competition to do and how you can achieve this.

We decided to give away around £200 worth of geeky, game related products that, in all honesty, we wanted for ourselves. We focused on desk gadgets and wrote some blog content to back up our giveaways.

Our goal was to increase our Facebook following so we held it natively on our Facebook with links to our website for an additional entry if they were interested in what we do.

Now, some people questioned this way of increasing brand awareness saying we were attracting the wrong audience with this competition. Whilst yes, they weren’t our usual target audience, we were aware before we even began that the one person who shared that post would have at least one relevant person within their network. It’s all about thinking outside the box!

Our Instagram

One of GC’s top tips for running your social accounts is to have your own style and to be consistent with it. Our Instagram has stuck to a similar style since we created the account, with only slight deviations over time as the app has advanced.

We don’t see Instagram as a platform for selling our particular products, so we don’t! We use it to give a peek into agency life at Giant Towers and keep people updated with our daily goings-on.

It’s a great way to create content without the pressure of being a marketer.

Our Twitter

The Giant Campus Twitter account is one of our stronger platforms where we engage with customers and businesses on a daily basis.  We check it in the morning when we wake up so we can see what’s trending for the day. It helps us catch up on breaking news and follow live events.

We love the ability to filter your content using tags when attending networking events, it’s the best time to get in front of some of the most relevant people and make a connection. We use it to provide our audience with relevant news, updates in the digital sector and details about our courses and workshops.


Without blowing our own trumpet, we’ve hit all our targets in regards to social media in the past year. We have grown new platforms and proved it doesn’t take a sky-high ad budget to make an impact. Most of all we have enjoyed learning day by day what works and what doesn’t. We have loved inviting you in to see a little bit of our world.

And that my friend, is the power of social media.

If you’ve followed, shared and liked our stuff, we thank you immensely. If for whatever reason you haven’t… tut tut tut.

Click below and take a look for yourself:


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