What is Facebook Business Manager?

Facebook first launched its Business Manager tool way back in 2014, in a bid to give marketers and advertisers a way to manage all of their activity on the platform from one centralised location.

Fast forward five years and Facebook Business Manager has become an essential tool for many brands, businesses, and agencies across the world. According to Facebook, its dashboard allows people to “securely share Facebook assets amongst multiple people or teams”, giving users access to do everything from creating a post to changing billing details or removing access from a user.

Thanks to the fairly simple dashboards, users are able to see a clear overview of what’s happening with their Pages and ad accounts, including managing who else has access. Whether it’s people within your team, a client, or another agency, Business Manager users are able to set specific permissions for Pages and ad accounts, as well as being able to add and remove people as necessary.

For those running paid advertising on Facebook, using Business Manager gives you a way to simply and easily create an ad campaign, as well as helping you improve the delivery of the ads that you’re putting out.


Who needs one?

Business Manager comes with a few different functionalities and benefits, so it could be worth considering if you want to make your Facebook activity more effective.

If you want to manage all of your brand’s ad accounts, Pages and permissions in one place, then setting us Business Manager would allow you to do this. You can also make use of the Security Centre features to keep things safe.

Business Manager also means you can create and manage separate advertising accounts from one centralised location, as well as giving different people specific, role-based access to individual ad accounts or Pages, based on what you need them to do.

If you aren’t running paid ads on Facebook, and are the only one who needs access to the Page, then it may be that you don’t need to set up a Business Manager just yet. You get a lot of the same functionality through the normal Facebook interface, but for those who want to explore some of the more advanced tools, targeting and team management options that Facebook has, then you should definitely get involved with Business Manager.


Benefits of Business Manager

Facebook created Business Manager in a bid to solve pain points for companies and make it easier to manage and organise profiles. But there are a host of other benefits that come from using it, including:

  • Managing multiple ad accounts from one place
  • Adding and removing different agencies or team members from your account
  • Giving people different access permissions based on your needs
  • Building custom audiences quickly and effectively
  • Managing your billing details, and setting spend limits simply


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