Giant Talks – How History is Shaping The Future of Digital Marketing

Giant Talks – How History is Shaping The Future of Digital Marketing

We attended #GIANTtalks, held at the Geffrye Museum, to hear all about how history is shaping the future of digital marketing.


Held at the beautiful 18th Century Geffrye Museum, Sleeping Giant Media put on yet another amazing GIANT talks with a mix of superb guest speakers who each spoke about the way history has shaped our current and future use of digital marketing.

The industry professionals who spoke were:


Robin Lewis, Head of Partnerships at Feefo with his speech “Word of Mouth is Getting Louder”.
Robin spoke about encouraging the generation feedback and how to learn from what gets said. He spoke about how brands can take control of feedback and conversation about themselves and use it to their advantage. There is so much to learn through the use of feedback, good or bad. He told us how negative feedback isn’t always a bad thing and that we should welcome it and use it. He gave examples of when listening to customers has and hasn’t worked out.



Nick Adams, Strategist at Yoyo Design with his speech “When Imagination Becomes Innovation”.

Nick said history is entirely responsible for how we use digital today. He explained how science fiction is ‘science fact’ because technologists are making products influenced by ideas of what they see in science fiction stories.
He explored the question on is there is such thing as an original idea anymore? Looking at how brands take ownership of other people’s ideas and bring it to life and form a sub-culture around the product.

This talk, on how science fiction writing influences future production and inspiration, was amazing! Great job Nick.



GC’s professor, Mersudin Forbes, Client Services Director at Sleeping Giant Media with his speech “History Defined Digital Marketing”.

Mersudin spoke about the importance of understanding your users/audiences history to better meet their needs. He went through the relevant tools and concepts and gave great advice on how to define your future strategy.
He addressed digital trends and the rate at which we can see change increasing based on looking back in history. Mersudin then spoke through how to create an action plan that you can apply to your business to help it through digital trends. (Something we do with you during our courses!)


After all the talks and a bit of networking, there was a Q&A session which got a lot of engagement from the audience and is always really insightful.

Overall, it was another super interesting GIANTtalks with great guest speakers, a really good audience and at an amazing historical venue.

sleeping giant media and giant campus

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