Happy Birthday YouTube

Happy Birthday YouTube

Yesterday marked 12 years to the day since the first video was uploaded on YouTube.

d7f8207d13571482431074-yt1It’s been 12 years since the first ever video was uploaded onto YouTube, and haven’t we been making up for it since!

The first ever video uploaded onto YouTube was ‘Me at the Zoo’ an 18-second video of YouTube’s co-founder Jawed Karim, recorded by his friend Yakov Lapitsky in 2005 (watch it below). In the video, Jawed is filmed in front of the elephant enclosure at the San Diego Zoo. He comments on the elephant’s ‘really, really, really long trunks’ before saying, ‘…and that’s cool’. Finally, Jawed concludes the video by saying ‘And that’s pretty much all there is to say’ – Profound.

“really, really, really long trunks”

It may not be the most captivating video ever posted online, but it is a hugely symbolic one in the history of online video. Who knew that 12 years later the platform would have grown to the massive size it has today. From a short 18-second long video to 300 hours of video uploaded every minute; it certainly is impressive.

Check out some other fascinating facts below on the world’s second biggest search engine.

  • 1,325,000,000 – Total number of people who use YouTube

  • 300 – Hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute

  • 4,950,000,000 – Video views every day

  • 3.25 b – Total hours watched each month

  • 829,000,000 – ‘Charlie bit my finger’ views



From a marketer’s perspective, Youtube is a great tool for sharing video and one that shouldn’t be ignored. Though certain businesses and brands are intimidated by the prospect of making videos for YouTube without a huge budget, it is often a lot easier than they initially think. As we mentioned earlier, YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine, (behind Bing… nahh just kidding, Google.) So if you want your business to be found, YouTube is a great place to start.

It even has its own in-house video editing software that talks you through making a range of different videos step by step. Additionally, there are hundreds of free apps and programmes that enable you to make quality videos for your social media and website. Here are some of our favourites apps at the moment:

iMovie – for those Mac users out there. It’s already installed on your machine and to make it even easier for you, if you have an iPhone, it’s on there too complete with some nifty little animations and some licence free music. It is worth noting however that the app is slightly more stripped down when compared to the desktop version. Why not see for yourself. (Apple)



Clips –  A sweet little app. It has a wider selection of music than that of iMovie, as well as some nice filters. You can input pre-existing video and photo content into the app to edit, or shoot and edit a film directly in the app itself. It also has a nice ‘text as you speak’ function, which essentially means the app will subtitle your movies as you speak. Warning – make sure you speak clearly, or you have to reshoot! Check out Clips for yourself. (Apple again)

Google Photos – Out of all the apps on this list, this one gives you the most functionality and is a good ‘all-rounder’. It enables you to create GIFS and well as video files and edit your photos. With regard to video editing, it’s the Video Stability function that makes this app stand out. If you have shot the content on your iPhone then, unless you used a tripod, footage can be a be shaky. This app sorts that out for you. Take a look for yourself here. (Google)

youtubeYouTube Editor – Whether you use this programme via the app or through the main YouTube site itself, this software allows you to do everything above, just with a lot fewer extra features. It does have some nice features, such as subtitles, smart transitions and some stock video (or Creative Common CC) that you can cut into your own footage. The best thing about using YoutTube Editor is that you can cut out the middle man and upload straight to the platform.  Go have a go yourself.


Whether you choose to create new videos on YouTube, of just be a casual spectator, one thing is for sure – there will always be new videos to engage, educate and excite us including everything from double rainbows, to creeping cats.

It’s here to stay, and as far as your business is concerned. It’s time to embrace it.


If you want to take your video marketing skills to the next level then take a look at our videos that are part of our Giant Thursday series or have a look at our courses, designed to show you not only how to make your own, but also how to promote them online.


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