Live from the workshop

Last week saw us unofficially sponsored by Take That as we screamed WE ARE GIANTS throughout the halls of the Excel Centre.

Over the two days we were in London, alongside Sleeping Giant Media, we delivered around 20 back-to-back courses and masterclasses to hundreds and hundreds of people. Every course was sold out, and every course finished with a lot of smiles and notepads overflowing with new found knowledge.

Being part of the leading European Marketing Expo gave us the opportunity to share a quick taster of each of the courses we deliver. Inspiring people to not only do it for themselves, but to cut the cr💩p and do it properly.

Head Boy Danny and Professors Sam and Holly were the ones delivering the workshops on this occasion, and what a great job they did considering their time limitations. Each workshop could only run for 20 minutes before a quick changeover to the next. Trying to teach a room full of people something new that they could take away and apply to their business the same day is a challenge in that time frame, but they smashed it!

Unlike other masterclasses going on at the expo, we weren’t there to share “hacks & cheats” because we don’t believe in them – similarly, most platforms out there are tackling these on a daily basis so that would mean everything told would soon be outdated. There were even three algorithm updates to social media platforms whilst we were stood in one chat! Digital is far too fast pace to repeat the same jargon over and over again. Instead, we shared the way we do things at GC. Honest, reliable, genuine and effective.

Our talks were attended by some pretty big names… Crabtree & Evelyn, Argos, Cancer Research UK, Fujitsu, RICS, Vodaphone and SO MANY MORE.

First up was Holly, who delivered her workshop ‘Just Google it’ where she explored the practical takeaways businesses could action with regards to their SEO – “I enjoyed how many people attended the talks and how engaged they all were. Had some fab questions at the end which I always enjoy because you know its when people have really understood/taken something away.”

Professor Sam stepped up to deliver ‘Leapfrogging your competition’ A workshop based on how you can use PPC (or SEM) to get ahead of your competition in search results. The session drove a lot of questions, with audience members being able to submit their questions via an app live to the presenter. 

Social Animal saw a special inclusion into our programme at the B2B. The most popular workshop in our curriculum normally saw the speaking area bursting with people. Danny took the audience through a journey of two years of Giant Campus, and explored our very own Social Media Mantra, that looked to avoid the use of hacks and cheats in search of a more ‘honest’ approach.

A live demo of video creation took place for ‘Lights, Camera, Action, Sales’ that saw GC Prefect Amber and Danny join forces to show the crowds how they can use free apps and software to up their video game. This piece of showmanship was received really well by the crowd and no technical issues arose (which for a live demo is always a bonus)!

Rounding off the GC workshops was Sam again, this time with ‘The Numbers Game’ a look at the world of actionable insights and metrics, that Google themselves would have been proud of (well, Google Analytics liked our tweets about the session, so they must have been!). Sam said: “Awesome questions and tuned in audience. Never expected so many to be attentively listening to analytics, but the turnout was astounding!”

The energy and passion demonstrated in these workshops, as well as a set of slides to please any graphic designer, ensured our learners left enthused by the subjects they had just witnessed. Head Boy Danny said: “It’s always fun to bring our programme of training outside the ball pit. To create condensed workshops was a real challenge, to ensure we didn’t lose the educational integrity that we pride ourselves on. We are over overjoyed by the reaction each workshop got, and it is a format we want to use again at our own events in the future.”

As well as delivering the awesome workshops, we also got to enjoy meeting loads of businesses and individuals who realised the potential in training their staff to understand the world of digital marketing. We made friends with other exhibitors, had a very successful swag hunt, met plenty of old faces and managed to stand out amongst the rest by playing some banging tunes throughout our intervals.
We’ve had some great feedback on our courses already:

Had a great day at the @ExCeLLondon going round the #MarketingExpo18 very informative talks given by @GIANT_campus . Time to put the lessons learnt into action ! Loved the Lights, Camera, Action masterclass📷

“I really enjoyed your social animal talk! Inspired me to improve my campaigns I really like your work👍


After a couple of full on days, we took a break from our social media to give our fingers and your feed a rest, concentrating on contacting our new friends from the expo. But don’t you worry – we’re back now and raring to go (despite someone putting the clocks forward, ugh).

This week we are delivering our sold out Content, Content, Content workshop in Canterbury to over thirty people. Preaching the benefits of content marketing and showing how easy it is to make quality content with the resources you already have.

If you’re interested in knowing more about our courses, check out our website, pop us an email on, or give us a call on 01303 765394.

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