Verify your Facebook: getting the grey tick

A blue tick on any social media platform is a sought after form of verification, but for now, why not verify your Facebook with a grey one?


Launched in 2013, the Facebook Verification allows for people and local businesses to showcase their authenticity to the rest of the Facebook universe. But getting a blue tick can be a bit of a challenge and is mostly limited to public figures, celebs, media companies, and big boy brands. So, the grey tick was introduced too, making it easier than ever for local business pages to be part of the ticky crew.

It’s really simple to do, so let’s go in 5 steps:

1.) On your Facebook business page, click on Settings at the top of the Page
2.) Click General and then Page Verification
3.) Click Verify this Page and then get started
4.) Enter a publically listed phone number for your business, your country, and language
5.) Now choose to confirm by allowing Facebook to call you with a verification code or choose to verify with documents instead

It can take anywhere from 48 hours to a week to receive a response from Facebook regarding your grey tick, so sit back and wait patiently. It can take a lot longer to hear back about a blue one, so you’re already winning really… maybe.

Are there any benefits or is it all just for show?

The clue’s in the name really… it verifies you. Proves to others that you’re the real deal, a trusted source, a cool kid. So the first benefit is the trust levels potential customers will have when finding your profile, will excel ever so slightly.

It brings you a bit of a ‘proud face’ moment when you see it, so that’s worth it…

No, but really, it boosts the credibility of your business and clients are going to know you take your social media game seriously. We host social media themed workshops, so it would be awkward if we weren’t verified (we are btw).

And lastly, if those points and the general appeal of a shiny(ish) badge haven’t appealed to your social senses, verified pages do rank higher on Facebook’s Graph Search and Google search results.

I’ve been rejected, my life sucks…

If Facebook rejected your verification there could be a number of reasons, but most likely a quick revamp of your Page will help. You want to ensure it’s as full and fleshed-out as it can be; hosting as much information as possible to make you seem credible. For example, add publications/important links to your “Impressum” section, encourage users to leave reviews and feedback and, if none of that helps, try reaching out to Facebook’s support for more information on your rejection.

Go forth and tick!

So, we wish you luck on your adventure into the land of the Grey tick, we hope you’re successful. If you’d like to learn more about social media then we recommend the following blog and workshop:

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