We love your social

Happy Valentines Day from us here at Giant Campus.

Today we are feeling the love more than ever before. It could be down to the commercialisation of romance, or perhaps because today is a good reminder for you to show appreciation for the things you love in life.

Here at Giant Campus we love social media. And we really really mean that. We think if you don’t love it, it is very obvious. So many businesses ask us how they can get more engagement, and the answer is always the same “Be more engaging”.

When you have a passion for something you want to learn new things, you want to test new ways of doing something, and you want to do something to be proud off. Are you proud of the content you post on social media?

Because we spend a lot of time on social media we have a fairly good idea on who is doing it properly. Who is faking it, and who doesn’t give a damn. Who uses automation, who is spammy and who tries to trick us with click bait. Don’t get us wrong, these techniques can help you build up a following (sometimes), but as the social media networks wise up, they are starting to stamp out more and more ‘tricks’ that businesses rely on. Get ahead of the curve before everyone else does.

We love YOUR social

So we thought on today of all days we needed to celebrate those businesses going the extra mile.

We have posted out thirty unique valentines day cards to those people responsible for those social media accounts that we love so much. It’s not an exaggeration to state that we would so double tap you! If you received one of our cards we would love it if you shared it. Show the world how unique you are and how much your efforts have been valued.

We love OUR Social

Over the last 12 months we have taken a new approach to our social media, and we hope you have noticed. Simply scroll through any of our feeds and you will see how the content we publish is uniquely ours. No faking, no hacking, no cheating, no spamming. Just honest social media.

So with that in mind, and in order to spread the love, we put together our promise to you. Think of it as our very own social media mantra.

The Mantra

Thou shan’t turn a digital cheek to any of these commandments, if thou doth, thou shall be cursed for all eternity with a rubbish online presence and a lack of genuine engagement.

10 commandments of social media as followed by Giant Campus: we, the bestowed owners of the Giant Campus social media will endeavour to abide by the following:

  1. Thou shan’t post on Twitter without an accompanying image/graphic/video (they cost nothing! …sometimes)
  2. Thou shan’t spam others timelines with blogs not written by them (especially when you can write it yourself!)
  3. Thou shan’t follow with the intent to unfollow soon after, in an attempt to ‘grow a following’
  4. Thou shan’t tag in businesses or accounts to posts and images that hold no relevance to them in an attempt to get in front of their following
  5. Thou shan’t engage with other members of the social universe without meaningful and genuine comment
  6. Thou shan’t rely on scheduled posts to replace adhoc, reactive ones entirely
  7. Thou shan’t use instagram in a salesy manner (it’s neither the time, nor the place!)
  8. Thou shall produce a mix of content types to appeal to many different people
  9. Thou shall align all social media activity to larger Giant Campus business goals
  10. Thou shall use every platform differently

We feel this give us great base to build our social media standing. We don’t like terms like ‘hacking’ or ‘cheats’. We believe in genuine, unique content built to engage, enthuse and educate you lovely lovely people.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Now get on our timeline, like, share and always double tap us.

Our Workshops

To make sure we too can take advantage of the commercialisation of a thing such as love, we wanted you to know about our social media and video marketing training. Social Animal, the strategy behind your social media. And DIY Video Marketing, how to make video whatever your budget. Hands on workshops with experienced professional video producers and social media geniuses.

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