Welcome to Campus!

Welcome to Campus!
Giant Campus, the brainchild of Sleeping Giant Media, has already blossomed into the role of the cheeky younger sibling. (You may have noticed already on social media)

GC started in response to SGM never wanting to let a client lose out on the opportunity to make their business GIANT.
They found that many smaller businesses wanted to control search and social themselves, or simply didn’t have the budget to work with a specialist agency. Rather than turning these clients away and only being able to offer small snippets of education at their free seminars and events, SGM decided to build up the training they already offered that had proved popular.

sleeping giant media and giant campus

From the very beginning it was clear that GC needed its very own dedicated resource to run and ensure it could really benefit everyone who needed it (and those who didn’t even know they needed it yet)!

31208To address an observed skills shortage when recruiting for SGM, they developed their own in-house training programme. Then decided, “hey why not share our knowledge and deliver this to other businesses and individuals?”

And then, as if by magic, Danny (our self proclaimed Head Boy of GC) appeared!

Danny and CEO Luke had known each other for years after studying together at art college, where Danny then took the route into the education and training sector, remaining completely creative in his approach.

These old friends got to brainstorming, forecasting and planning, and Luke introduced Danny to the all important Google drive. After discussing the ideas with co-founder Ant, Giant Campus was born!

Danny, with the support of the Giants at SGM, built the business from scratch and now manages all of the day to day activities within GC. Our most recent recruit, Amber, has taken on the role of GC Prefect. She’ll be providing Danny with support on all elements of the business as we take on the coolest and most exciting projects! Watch this space.

From the changing of names from Giant Training, registering as Giant Campus in July 2016, the official public launch was in September with a super snazzy 360 video party! The website launched with new branding and a super exciting course calendar.

img_1812So what has GC been up to since then?

Well, what haven’t we been up to?! It’s been kinda non stop.

As Danny says, everything has been memorable and full of challenges…

“From finishing off as Giant Training and then designing a brand from scratch that carries the same values as SGM, but is different in its own right. That process was fun!
Pulling late nights and developing a website with no previous WordPress experience, to go live at the same time as launching a 360 launch party video on YouTube. That was a steep learning curve, but I loved it.”

Danny has loved every minute of working with the professors and experts at SGM: “I have learnt so much from them, without them none of this is possible, in every aspect of the business. Their knowledge just amazes me, and they really love it! I just sit in campus, but they are campus.”

Campus is also super proud of its partnership with Runway, delivering unique digital marketing apprenticeships. We also have plans, BIG plans, GIANT plans, with a rather well known search engine. It’s going to knock your socks off, it has ours!

“There have been quite a few fist pumping moments in the short life of GC.”

Ant teaching

Why should you choose us? Well our approach to training is like no other, so you know you’re getting a unique experience along with courses that are a super good value.

GC offers training from an introductory level, through to advanced, focusing on a range of different digital marketing tools and methods.

We don’t use trainers, we use our very own experts – because, well, they’re pretty good at what they do. They write, produce and deliver our courses, and with creativity and style at our core we keep it interesting – from sessions in our ball pit, to hands on experience.

That isn’t the only thing that makes us unique, we’re a live agency therefore we are very up to date with all things internet and much much more.

We don’t just teach you the theory, we teach you how to do it for yourselves. We have quizzes, tasks, programmes and equipment for you to play with during your time with us, it’s never a dull moment in our classrooms.

Want to know more about our upcoming course dates? Check them out here.

There is SO much more to come, so join our mailing list below and keep an eye on what we have to offer.

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