Work & Play – Should your office combine the two?

Work & Play – Should your office combine the two?

We keep raving on about the importance of combining work and play and we will not stop all the time we’re enjoying ourselves and working hard.

Here at Giant Towers we are known for our ‘different’ approach to office lifestyle. We believe it makes the Giants much more creative in their approach to their work, as well as giving an increase in productivity. Head Boy Danny interviewed CEO Luke Quilter on the topic of work and play, and asked for advice on what you guys can do to try and implement it in your offices:


Helping employees to produce better standards of work is what businesses should be aiming to do.fidget spinner Sitting at a desk for hours on end does not inspire productivity and creativity – this can be applied to pretty much any working environment too, so no excuses!

“I think fundamentally if you enjoy what you do on a daily basis you can be more creative, more productive, and ultimately that’s what we try to do. We try to make a space where you enjoy being and therefore produce great work for our clients.” – Luke Quilter, CEO

Obviously, the combination of work and play may not work well for everyone, so it’s important as a business to listen to what your staff believe would benefit them and then actually act upon this in some way. Managers need to be aware that the world of work is ever evolving, that traditional ways aren’t always enough these days. Some may perceive the ways we do things as “work avoidance”, but come on!

luke thorpe parkLuke stressed the importance of talking to your staff and working with them to find out what will work with them to make their working environments more comfortable. But ultimately, you as a company need to work out what you’re happy to adapt and offer.

Offices that are restrictive and keep staff to a strict timetable, it’s like treating them as children. To contradict myself slightly, I should express the importance of letting your inner child come out every now and then, as Luke discussed with BBC Capital not long ago:

“Everyone has that inner child within them but sometimes it’s drilled out of us, particularly in traditional workplace environments. We embrace that here and try to remember what it’s like to have fun. By having fun, everyone becomes more creative.”

We can all recognise the value of games and play as a way of educating children or furthering their knowledge. So why is it frowned upon in the office? We’re not children anymore, sure, but we still all have a lot of learning left to do.

The motivation behind our GC Jedi Box Giveaway was to help inspire you to incorporate work and play but also, to geek out with a load of swag. We love the opportunity to shout about how well our offices combine the two, but we’d love to know how your offices do it. If they don’t yet, we hope to inspire! Let us know on our social accounts or comment below.

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Keep a look out, we’ll be posting more advice from Luke and Danny around the topic of work & play, creativity & productivity, switching off and maintaining a healthy work/life balance. If you have any questions you’d like answered, let us know and we’ll get back to you!






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