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This content creation and strategy training course provides you with all you need to know to set up and navigate your way around an effective content marketing strategy. Helping you to make the content in many guises to market your business creatively.

Level - Introductory ????

Perfect for those with little to no understanding of the topic, looking to advance their skills with theoretical and practical learning.

Duration - 3 hours ⏰

This training runs from 9:30 – 12:30 pm – the optimum amount of time to consume enough knowledge to action, without your eyes getting restless and your mind wandering to far away places.

Content can seem like quite a broad term when it comes to marketing, and, well… it sure is!

So we are sure you’ve questioned where you should start and the types of content you should be producing for your business in order to drive engagement, so important with recent algorithm changes.

We believe content is king, and, if anything, is probably the most fun stuff you get to make when it comes to your digital marketing strategy. So, in honour of the king, we have crafted a bespoke workshop where will inspire you and educate you to make more unique, creative content.

We will provide you with the tools and understanding that’ll help future-proof your business by adopting a creative approach to your marketing campaigns. Presented to you by the guys and gals at Giant Campus and Sleeping Giant Media.

Learning Objectives:

After this training, the learner will:

What will I learn?

During this training, we will give you the tools you need to go back to work that very afternoon and wow your colleagues. Everyone likes to show off every now and then, right?
  • Define what your content themes are, linking them to the USP and brand values of your business. Meaning you have a framework for which to produce your content.
  • Introduce you to our Social Media Mantra, that gives you insight into the way we have increased our engagement using genuine creative content. With each social platform doing what it can to tackle spammy behaviour, genuine content will be key in future-proofing your campaigns.
  • Discuss the role of creative content and the planning process. Meaning you can produce top-end creative content that showcase your products or services creatively.
  • Learn tools that can be used in generating content in a range of formats. Photography, GIFs, video and written copy.
  • Show you in real-time, through live demos, how these apps and tools can be utilised in order to produce quality unique content in no time at all. Putting your efforts online to better use.

Why bother?

Kent Digital Marketing Training Provider

Join us at home in Giant Space…

Learn from practising, award-winning, digital agency experts…

Our professors are part of the award-winning search & social marketing agency, Sleeping Giant Media.

They practise what they preach every single day for paying clients. Their knowledge is to-the-minute, with no other trainers in the Kent & South East area quite like it.

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