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Introduction to SEO

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Our Intro to SEO course provides you with an excellent foundation for understanding exactly what SEO is, how it works and most importantly, how it can help potential customers find your website.

Search Engine Optimisation

In today’s digitally-focused world you’ve probably heard the term SEO being thrown around all over the place. This funny little acronym has got people scrambling to make their online presence more ‘SEO-friendly’, but what does this really mean?

Search engine optimisation is all about making sure that people can find your website. It’s not about using any dodgy old-school tactics to trick the system; it’s just about making sure that search engines can direct people to your website, and that when they get there they have a great experience.

SEO can be a detailed process, but the best place to start is right at the beginning. The basics of SEO are all about making sure that your content is relevant and high quality, that your site is fast, performs well and looks good, and that you make use of organic, valuable links – both internal and external. But no spam – no one likes spam.

We offer search engine optimisation courses in Kent at two levels:

Beginner SEO Training

If you’ve never heard of SEO before, or have but have never dabbled in using these magical tactics, then our beginner SEO courses are for you. If the following statements sound like you, then click through to our beginner course for more info:

  • Want to find out what SEO really means and how it can help your business?
  • Want to learn the difference between on-page and off-page SEO?
  • Want to understand the what/why/when of keyword research?

Advanced SEO Training

If you’re already experimenting with some search engine optimisation techniques, then our advanced SEO courses are a great way to develop your skills even further. Does this sound familiar? If so, head to our advanced course pages for more info:

  • Want to identify what’s working, and how to build on your SEO success?
  • Want to produce performance reports across different platforms?
  • Want the lowdown on some professional tools that you can use to make your digital life easier?

What can you learn from our SEO courses?

Our SEO courses provide you with actual, tangible benefits that you can take back to your workplace and implement on the same day. You’ll leave with plenty of actionable insights and the tools necessary to improve your digital marketing, and the learning doesn’t stop there.

Due to how fast digital is evolving, we don’t provide qualifications to our graduates and instead, we make a point to stay in touch, to check how you’re getting on, and to keep you up to date with scheduled catch ups and extra advice.

Beginner SEO Course
We provide you with insider knowledge and tools that’ll help you maximise your SEO efforts
Learn how to do it for yourself and implement changes during your time with us
We teach you the theory of on and off-page SEO, covering everything from metadata to creatively planning for your audiences and platforms
We’ll explain and help you on the day to start conducting your own keyword research so you can take what you’ve learnt back to work with you that afternoon
This level is great for beginners and pros alike, covering everything you need to know and everything you thought you knew to make your understanding GIANT

Advanced SEO Course
You’ll be able to identify what’s working and how to maximise this success to be bigger and better for your business
We’ll explain how search algorithms work and how they affect your SEO efforts so you can be independant with your marketing
We guarantee to teach you the good stuff that will, without a doubt, see an increase in conversions

Upcoming SEO Courses

Introduction to SEO

5th April 2018 – Canterbury, Kent

Advanced SEO Workshop

1st March 2018 – Folkestone, Kent

Introduction to SEO

11th June 2018 – Folkestone, Kent

Why do you need SEO for your business?

Learning the magical ways of search engine optimisation is vitally important to businesses and individuals who want to be successful online.

SEO techniques help to make sure that your target audience can find you as quickly and easily as possible from a speedy Google search. More people coming to your website means more sales, more conversions, more customers. Who doesn’t want that?

Unsure which course is for you?

Why learn with Giant Campus?

90% of our graduates were so satisfied with the course they attended that they say they would train with us again. The courses must be good!

Our unique approach to digital education means you’ll never find anyone else like us, so don’t miss out! We even have a ball pit!

Our professors are part of an award-winning digital agency, so you’ll learn the most up to date and relevant techniques to help maximise your digital marketing efforts.

Recommendations from our Graduates


Social Animal – “The course cleared the fog… I have a certain amount of clarity.”

Ricky Reina

Highly recommended! Came for an SEO training session to take back info to share with the wider Pilgrims Hospices team, where I work. The Giant team is at the forefront of search and social – and they are warm and welcoming with it. Each course is full of tips and practical information with plenty of chance to ask questions and try out your skills. See you again soon guys!

Eleanor Sheath

I recommend GIANT campus to everyone who would like to improve their knowledge about social media marketing. The training is very good and helped me enormously to understand how to market my own company in a better, more effective way. I will be signing up for more courses in the near future!

Julia Brendel

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Social Animal

Meet our SEO Trainers

Kathryn Bevan

Meet Kathryn, another professor here at Giant Campus specialising in Search Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation.

Holly Cooke

Meet Holly, a GIANT since 2014 and our resident data geek. Holly is usually found with her earphones in, heavily immersed in Google Sheets formulas.

Dennison Packer

Meet Dennison, a GIANT who loves sharing his knowledge of SEO, along with why good design makes for a great user experience and better performance overall.

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