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Everyone and their mother are on social media so how do you make people take notice? Social Animal will teach you the tricks of the trade to give your social media claws, and make sure you reach your customers and smash your goals.

Social Media

Everyone likes to think of themselves as a bit of a social butterfly, but thinking and doing are two very difficult things. And in the world of business in the digital age, getting social is becoming more of a necessity than ever.

If your audience are all living, breathing and interacting on social media then it makes sense for you and your business to be there too, doesn’t it? As with everything else nowadays, the social world has gone digital – which means that if you want to get ahead of your competitors, you need to know your tweets from your tags, and your handles from your Hangouts.

Social media can help get your business out there, build brand awareness, allow you to engage with your customers, improve on your customer service, and so much more. Not only can social media help to give your company a personality, it can help you to find and join conversations that are relevant to your business, meaning that you can connect with people who are already interested in what you have to offer. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, almost all social platforms are totally free! And who doesn’t love something that’s free?

We offer social media courses in Kent at two levels:

Beginner Social Media Training

Want to take your social media efforts from zero to hero? Then this is where to start. Our beginner social media courses are the perfect way to make social work for you and your business in Kent. Don’t miss out on an invite to the social party; if this sounds like you, get yourself over to one of our beginner social courses now:

  • Want to find out what platforms will benefit your business?
  • Want to know how to track the effects of your social efforts?
  • Want to understand what content will appeal to your audience?

Advanced Social Media Training

Already building a budding social empire, but want to know how to get to that next viral level? Don’t worry, we can help with that too. Our advanced social media courses in Kent have all that you need to make sure that you’re up with the trends when it comes to the big, beautiful world of social media. If the following sounds like you, drop us a message:

  • Want to know how to plan social campaigns for maximum impact?
  • Want to understand how sponsored ads can impact your results?
  • Want to find out about tools and tricks you can use to help your social outputs day after day?

What can you learn from our Social Media courses?

Want to get social savvy with the help of our professors? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Our team of social gurus have been busy gathering all of their skills, ready to deliver social media training courses in Kent that suit people of all skill levels.

Check out our different skill levels below, or drop us a message if you require any further information.SEO techniques help to make sure that your target audience can find you as quickly and easily as possible from a speedy Google search. More people coming to your website means more sales, more conversions, more customers. Who doesn’t want that?

Beginner Social Media Course
Discover the social platforms that benefit businesses today
Learn how and why you should track and measure your social success
Find out why audience research is so important, and how a targeted content strategy will pay dividends

Advanced Social Media Course
Plan a social campaign from start to finish
Explore the benefits of paid social advertising and how it can be used to bolster your organic social success
Discover the tools that will make managing your social activity effortless

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Introduction to Social Media

15th November 2017, Folkestone

Introduction to Social Media

16th January 2018, Folkestone

Why do you need Social Media for your business?

Social media offers a direct line to your customers that you cannot afford to miss.

Plan social campaigns, gain new customers and make more sales – whatever your marketing aims, social media can be a fantastic way of achieving them. Social media is the megaphone to shout about your business.

Unsure which course is for you?

Why learn with Giant Campus?

90% of our graduates were so satisfied with the course they attended that they say they would train with us again. The courses must be good!

Our unique approach to digital education means you’ll never find anyone else like us, so don’t miss out! We even have a ball pit!

Our professors are part of an award-winning digital agency, so you’ll learn the most up to date and relevant techniques to help maximise your digital marketing efforts.

Recommendations from our Graduates


Social Animal – “The course cleared the fog… I have a certain amount of clarity.”

Ricky Reina

Highly recommended! Came for an SEO training session to take back info to share with the wider Pilgrims Hospices team, where I work. The Giant team is at the forefront of search and social – and they are warm and welcoming with it. Each course is full of tips and practical information with plenty of chance to ask questions and try out your skills. See you again soon guys!

Eleanor Sheath

I recommend GIANT campus to everyone who would like to improve their knowledge about social media marketing. The training is very good and helped me enormously to understand how to market my own company in a better, more effective way. I will be signing up for more courses in the near future!

Julia Brendel

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