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When it comes to digital marketing, we can guarantee you’ll have hundreds of questions. We can answer all of those (we hope) during our courses and workshops but if you’ve got questions like “Is digital marketing training for me?” or something as simple as inquiring about parking at our offices, then hopefully you’ll find these answers below.

If there’s something we haven’t covered, feel free to email us on or give us a call on 01303 765394.

Who are these courses for?
Each course is designed for a variety of people to attend. Whether you’re part of a large worldwide business or a small local start-up, we’ve got the room for you. We tailor to a variety of job roles too, ranging from unemployed and apprentices to CEOs and Managing Directors. If you’re not sure which member of staff to book on, then get in touch and we can help you out. Similarly, get in touch and we can always do a multiple-bookings discount so you don’t have to choose! 
I already know the basics, should I attend an advanced course?
Ooo, check you out Mr Know It All! If you already know enough, then we won’t try and sell you onto the Intro course because that’d be no fun for you and would look pretty bad on us… At the same time, we really do not want to overwhelm you, so get in touch and we’ll conduct a quick training needs analysis.
What makes these courses different to anyone else's?
Our courses are researched, put together and delivered by members of the Sleeping Giant Media team. Everyone there is a practising expert, practising what they preach on a daily basis for paying clients. They’re the most up to date knowledge sources on all things digital marketing, therefore so is the training. That’s what makes our approach unique. No doddery old man using a laser pointer on a flip chart reading off a Wikipedia article – just a crazy marketer prancing about a ball pit, hanging out at the bar and singing the praises of search engine optimisation.
What do I gain from this course?
We don’t hand out official certificates because the world of digital evolves so fast that it’d be out of date within seconds. You can, however, include this training on your CV and use it to impress potential employers. You gain a heck of a lot of knowledge, upkept by a certain level of aftercare following each course. You’ll gain the experience of being trained in a ball pit whilst learning from experienced marketers from an award-winning digital marketing agency. What more could you want?
What’s the duration of this course?
Course duration varies, you can see timings on the webpages for each. Generally though, training lasts about 3 hours, running from 9:30am to 12:30pm meaning you can get back to your office that afternoon and put into practise what you’ve learnt. 
Do you look at our accounts before training?
Prior to our social media training, we’ll have a look at your social profiles to see what you currently do or don’t do. Prior to bespoke training, we will audit your accounts, dependant on the training being provided – this will be discussed with you during establishing conversations. During courses and workshops we may, with your permission, use your accounts as examples. 

We can offer a mini SEO audit of your site, get in touch for pricing.

Do you offer bespoke training?
Yes! You can find out more by popping us an email on or by calling us on 01303 765394. We train on pretty much anything digital and business based, tailoring our approach to your needs. We’d even throw a workshop on all the coolest moments in The Matrix if you wanted, which btw, would be all of it… we’d make you watch the entire film.
Do you travel outside of Kent to deliver training?
We have been known to travel, yes. We are based in Folkestone, Kent, but frequent London and surrounding counties. We’ve been as far as Belgium to deliver training, and technically San Francisco if you count that over-Skype-training… We’re happy to come to you, but there may be additional costs. Let us know what you’d like!
Do you have parking?
We do, but only a limited amount. Parking is reserved for special circumstances, please get in touch if this applies to you. Alternatively, we’re only a five-minute walk from Folkestone Central train station and the bus station, as well as being surrounded by lots of free on-street parking. 
Are there any discounts available?
Yes, we offer discounts for bulk/group bookings, charities and nonprofits. If you fit these criteria, please get in contact.
How can I pay for my training?
We accept PayPal transactions through our website, or payment through Eventbrite if it’s listed on the event register. If you’d prefer to be invoiced, send an email to with the course and other details and we’ll get that sorted for you. 
Is there any support post-training?
Heck yeah! Get in touch any time through the emails provided after training and we’ll help you. We’re always happy to fill in the blanks, answer any questions or check over what you’re up to.

If there’s something we haven’t covered on this list then please feel free to email us on or give us a call on 01303 765394.

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