Office Jedi Box

The Return of the Jedi (Box)

In celebration of May the 4th (be with you), our Jedi Box competition has returned. This year we combine our passion for making you master digital and mastering the force. Enter our competition to win a metaphorical box (well, until postage) of the di-Jedi-tal essentials needed to become an Office Jedi and smash your digital marketing needs.

What are the di-Jedi-tal essentials? They’re a collection of things necessary for you to become the Office Jedi, to help you master the world of digital marketing and enhance your business.

What’s up for grabs? The all-important Jedi costume, a collection of our most popular workshops and a load of Google merchandise. Master digital and look the part at the same time – see below for more details on the prizes.

Be the coolest kid in the office with this collection of Google merchandise. With two of each, you can share the winnings with a colleague or your boss – or keep it all for yourself, we won’t judge:

  • 2x Google notepads and pens
  • 2x Google tote bags
  • 2x Google mugs
  • 2x Google water bottles
  • 3x Google USBs (modern, we know!)

Win four tickets to use however you please against our most popular digital marketing courses and workshops, aimed at showing you the how, the why and the when of marketing best practices from practising experts themselves:

  • Mastering SEO
  • Running your own paid ads
  • Making creative content
  • Social Animal

You can’t be a master of digital and Office Jedi without the robe and a lightsaber, how else will you impress your clients and colleagues? You’ve got to look the part to be the part. Strut about the office with confidence that you know all you need to know about digital marketing:

  • 2x Jedi Robes
  • 2x Lightsabers

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