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Before Sleeping Giant Media, I dabbled in the waters of social media by getting involved with the Cineworld Ashford marketing team, helping with the activity for a London based science festival and doing a number of work experience placements at different production companies in London.

Despite that, it was only after being at Sleeping Giant Media for a little while that I was able to kick off the armbands and submerge myself in the wonderful world of social media.

Later, when Giant Campus came along, I jumped at the chance to share my knowledge of the things I had learnt and help others navigate the frequently changing tides of Facebook, LinkedIn and more. I’ve run out of water puns, and I’m not sure it was particularly relevant anyway. Thanks for reading through.

I currently work as the Social Media Manager for client-side delivery within the digital marketing agency. I deliver the social media marketing workshops and training courses for Giant Campus, and have trained some pretty big names over the years!


– Running the Yorkshire Three Peaks for Tiny Toes 

– Facebook Blueprint Certified

– Working terrible jokes into training sessions

– Getting a job at Sleeping Giant Media & Giant Campus



I took the shell off my racing snail to see if it would make it go faster. If anything, it just made it more sluggish.



– Facebook Blueprint Award/Certified

– Delivering award-winning work for clients

– Training feedback has, so far, all been great!


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