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It all started when I realised that Marketing is NOT about convincing people to buy things they do not need, but IS a process of understanding what peoples needs are and meeting them in a way that creates a WIN -WIN.

Understand what a person needs and give them something that fulfils that need and you are onto a winner.

This started me on a road into Paid Search that took me from client-side accounts through to a large London agency and finally back to Sleeping Giant Media.

An understanding that good data helps make better decisions and a Kaizen approach of continuous improvement has lead me into a desire to help others understand how they can use data to test hypothesis and ultimately understand things better – which leads to better outcomes.

So, if you hadn’t sussed it out… I lead on the data, analytics & insight training delivered at Giant Campus.


– Building the data support into a data service

– My children

– I’m really well-travelled

– Award-winning services for clients


7 out of 10 facts in the world are made up.


– Measurement planning certificate 2018

– Google Analytics Individual Qualification from Google

– CIM Best Use of Data Award

– High NPS ratings

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