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I’m a horse riding, animal-loving, data & SEO loving nerd!

I’m rubbish at maths so decided I needed to learn Excel and Google Sheets pretty quickly to get through my day to day tasks and now I spend 90% of my day on them.

My love of digital marketing started at university when I was sitting in a marketing lecturer and a Google speaker came in to talk to us about PPC. From there I knew that was what I wanted to do and I was then lucky enough to join the group of Giants at Sleeping Giant Media.

As my knowledge grew in all things SEO and PPC I started finding ways of spreading the word about how great digital marketing is and from there my professorship at Giant Campus started. I’ve been a professor for 3 proud years and love meeting new people and getting them infected with the digital marketing bug.


– Dancing on stage at Disneyland Paris

– Raising money for Pilgrims Hospice alongside other GIANTs for my Dad

– Working on Google Garage

– Presenting a Giant Wednesday


Boss: “How good are you at Powerpoint?”

Me: “I Excel at it.”

Boss: “Was that a Microsoft Office pun?”

Me: “Word.”


– Google Ads certified

– SQL Certification from CodeAcademy

– Wirehive 100 Shortlist – Techie of the Year 2016

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