Professor Luke Quilter


Hi there!

So you want to learn more about Giant Campus and the Professors? Well, you’ve come to the right place, as we’re in the business of teaching!

My Professorship is borne from Master Klokkou (Ant) and I deciding that more people need to know how to help their companies. Digital Marketing isn’t just for bigger businesses – it’s for everyone. And so, Giant Campus was conceived!

I’ve had over a decade’s worth of experience in the Digital Marketing world, I’ve been coaching, teaching, speaking for years, and we’ve won awards for our Digital Marketing company Sleeping Giant Media. This means when we’re guiding you, we know you’re in the best hands. We wouldn’t do this if it wasn’t the right thing to do.

TripAdvisor doesn’t exist for companies like us, but if it did, we’d make sure these people knew about it:

“Highly informative, took away some of the mystique…. I thought Luke was excellent” –  David Phillips – Instant Gifts Int

“I was very impressed with Luke’s delivery of a subject that to most people can be quite daunting! Luke kept his audience’s interest in SEO and PPC by keeping it simple but lively – he was detailed without being boring and I came away feeling enthused and geared up to tackle our own digital marketing campaigns!” –  Justine Clarabut, Wellbeing People.

“I got exactly what I hoped to get out of the brief 3 hour course which I attended on SEO techniques. Luke gave a clear and personable analysis, carried out in some depth, and throwing up loads of useful take-home tit-bits… enough info to keep me very busy indeed for a very long time” –

Julian Arriens – Superreel

Believe it or not, though, my entire life doesn’t revolve around Digital Marketing! I have a beautiful wife, I’m a dedicated dad, I like my home improvement, and I like being out and about with friends. I kayak, I run, I weight train (sometimes…) – basically, you’re not going to see me sitting around for very long! Unless Spurs are on TV, then it’s a different matter.

I hope today is giving you some good insight into us, our company and our values. We want to share the pride we have in our business with you, so that you too can accomplish great things in Digital Marketing.


  • Kayaking round the Kent Coast  
  • Carrying the Olympic Torch
  • Co-Founder of Award Winning Sleeping Giant Media
  • Husband and Father 


Favourite joke?

Mercedes is better than Audi.


  • BA Hons – Design Management for the Creative industries
  • CIM Qualified – E-Marketing
  • Post Graduate Diploma – Strategic Marketing

Social Animal – “The course cleared the fog… I have a certain amount of clarity.”

Ricky Reina

Highly recommended! Came for an SEO training session to take back info to share with the wider Pilgrims Hospices team, where I work. The Giant team is at the forefront of search and social – and they are warm and welcoming with it. Each course is full of tips and practical information with plenty of chance to ask questions and try out your skills. See you again soon guys!

Eleanor Sheath

I recommend GIANT campus to everyone who would like to improve their knowledge about social media marketing. The training is very good and helped me enormously to understand how to market my own company in a better, more effective way. I will be signing up for more courses in the near future!

Julia Brendel