Esq. Prof. Dr. Sam Caesar BSc. SSc.*

Esq. Prof. Dr. Sam Caesar BSc. SSc.*


Welcome children, class is now in session.

I am the most honourable Esq. Prof. Dr. Sam Caesar BSc. SSc, an eccentric Scandi-Caribbean with roots in all continents…but most people just call me Sam.

As professor and resident ‘Giant’, I am what many would consider part of the furniture. From the first day of school, I have been itching to impart some SEO wisdom into the impressionable young minds of students with a thirst for knowledge.

When not busy peering at eager students over the rim of my glasses, I’m busy elsewhere as a search account manager over at Sleeping Giant Media, practising and perfecting all of what I teach.
As many are aware, the swings and roundabouts of life mean that one’s attention is not solely spent on work. Outside of Giant Campus, I can be found probing other areas of the digital world. As a hobbyist photographer, with an exaggerated case of G.A.D. (gear acquisition disorder), taking pictures of the moon and other interesting interstellar bodies seems to be the focus (see what I did there?) at the moment. Although I’m also currently working on a project that involves photographing mattresses…I told you I was eccentric!

*Bronze Swimming Certificate, & Silver Swimming Certificate


  •  My family.  If bringing forth life onto this earth counts as an achievement then count me in…twice!

    Proud father to Samson Maximus Caesar, and Apollo Primus Caesar; no achievement makes me prouder, or brings me more joy.


I can’t give you just one, so we’ll settle with two:

When life gives you melons, you might be dyslexic.

What is a pirate’s favorite letter? You think it’d be “R” but his first love be the “C”!


  • Google Adwords certified 
  • TEFL Teacher
  • Father
  • Eldest Brother

Social Animal – “The course cleared the fog… I have a certain amount of clarity.”

Ricky Reina

Highly recommended! Came for an SEO training session to take back info to share with the wider Pilgrims Hospices team, where I work. The Giant team is at the forefront of search and social – and they are warm and welcoming with it. Each course is full of tips and practical information with plenty of chance to ask questions and try out your skills. See you again soon guys!

Eleanor Sheath

I recommend GIANT campus to everyone who would like to improve their knowledge about social media marketing. The training is very good and helped me enormously to understand how to market my own company in a better, more effective way. I will be signing up for more courses in the near future!

Julia Brendel